very professional and on time
Coach is very professional and on time. He is easy to talk to and provides good advice on your goals. I would highly recommend him.
Sophia Reily
Best coach I have tried.
Coach JayC has been the best coach I have tried. His approach in my weight loss journey is exceptional. He can adapt and adjust in the most efficient way to maximize our results while minimizing mistakes. He does not only help you attain your goals but also introduces you to a healthy lifestyle for a better quality of life.
Jennifer Kind
Wow, Amazing Product!
The search is over, trust me, this product is the best! Look no further you can’t get better than this. For anyone looking for a solution to this problem here it is.
Matt Smith

My Story

About us

“A coach is someone who always makes you do what you don’t want to do, so you can be who you’ve always wanted to be.”

There is no glory in practice, but without practice, there is no glory.”

Our Story Starts in early 2005

Coach JayC is a top fitness expert and with more than 13 years of experience in the fitness industry, he’s one of the most effective personal trainers in the Philippines. 

Qualified Fitness Professional. (ACE and NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA Strength, and Conditioning Specialist CSCS, Certified Girls Gone Strong GGS-1, Certified Precision Nutrition Level 2 Nutritionist PN-2, Online Trainer Academy Level-2 OTA-2 and former Fitness First Ph. Personal Trainer.) Currently working as a Full-time freelance fitness coach, And holds a diploma in Sports Science.

I’ve been training myself for over 15 years from weightlifting to sports of running, cycling, duathlon and triathlon, and also have gained great knowledge from courses, seminars, webinars, reading books, and many hours of being in the gym perfecting my craft.

When I began my career as a personal trainer I knew it was the path for me, not just because I enjoyed working out, but it just felt natural. I further increased this belief by the drastic improvements I was making on my clients and for myself; not only on their health but their general lifestyle as well. When I design a training program, it’s my true passion to make sure you are seeing nothing but the best results and most efficient way possible.

I have previously and currently worked with CEO’s, Ambassadors, Politicians, Lawyers, Accountants, Doctors, Models, Celebrities, Parents, pro athletes, triathletes, cyclists, runners, the average gym-goer looking to lose a few pounds, gain muscles, and build endurance.

My Mission and Core Values

I constantly increasing my knowledge by researching a variety of the latest training and nutritional methods in order to give my clients the best possible information. I also keep things fun and interesting by incorporating many different routines and techniques with each session.

I am results-driven, I want to see you achieve your fitness goals while you are training with me, and I will do everything I can to help you get there.

Nutrition counseling is another important part of my fitness plan so we can discuss your eating habits to make sure they support your fitness goals.

In your initial fitness assessment consultation, I will outline your exercise preferences, goals, past injuries/illnesses, weight management, body weight assessments/measurements, and food intake, so I can develop a customized workout program specifically for you.  

Hiring a personal trainer is an investment in yourself and your future. You can pay a little now or pay a lot later in healthcare costs. I understand what it takes to get in shape and stay that way.  

Helping others achieve their goals is my passion and I take it very seriously.

Overview of Some of My Qualifications:

I have many Certifications with thousands of hours spent in the books, modules, live courses, and certifications to ensure I am up to date and ready to serve you better. Some of the more notable mentions being an ISSA Master Certified Trainer, Nutritionist, and Performance Coach. A glimpse at some of the credentials below:

Your success is my success, and that’s something I take very personally.


Online Learning is the Future of Education

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