Change Capacity Assessment

Change Capacity Assessment

How can I change successfully?

Change isn’t just about how much you want to change.
It’s about the change-making skills that you have, or are willing to learn and practice.
This assessment can help me know what next steps will most help you change and reach your goals.
Please be as honest as possible.
There is no judgment here. These are just data. Having accurate information allows us to work together to help you reach your goals.

Take the assessment

Answer the following questions based on your current circumstances. Please read all questions and scoring options carefully.

Skill: Hardiness / Resilience

The ability to endure difficult situations.

Skill: Growth mindset

The belief that one’s situation, skills, and/or capacities can be improved by effort and practice.

Skill: Self-efficacy

The strength of one’s belief in their ability to do actions that will lead to a specific outcome.

Skill: Emotional regulation

The use of strategies to effectively express and manage emotions.

Skill: Self-awareness

The conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, desires, and behaviors.

Skill: Environmental & social support

Feeling supported by your community, friends, family and/or and everyday surroundings.

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