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Coach JayC, Is one of the best coach you can have. He is my trainer for 10 years now. His professionalism gives you more motivation and inspiration to love yourself and give your best every sessions of your workout. Even if you're close enough to give up on your self he shows you and guide you every step so you can finish your work out NOT when you're TIRED BUT When DONE.
Coach JayC Fitness Personal Training
Janice Anzures
i lost about 20kg in 76 days training with him. highly recommended for those how want to lost weight. thanks coach
Coach JayC client review
Charanjit Singh Dhillon
✅ Highly recommended. Jayc is very professional and will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals.
Pj Jamoner
You will be motivated 110%. With him you will only stop when your goal is done not because you are tired, and he will always be there to support you on the process. I lost 16 kilos in 7 months something impossible for me to do alone. Super thumbs up, friendly mentor, pro coach, hi tech. #Aquaman.
Coach JayC client review
Michelle Hadian
Professional, enthusiastic and responsible! Definitely a reliable coach! He was happy to share and taught me a lot about fitness and would motivate me not to give up. Under his guidance, my body shape has become better and toned!
Coach JayC Fitness Personal Training
Ruby Chua
With Coach Jay since 2years ago, he made my goal succeed to lost 10kgs in the first 3months and get a healthy, slimming body ~ He's a very responsible and helpful coach, never absent or late, and 2years + never increase my training package rate~ Can always discuss your problem or set your new goal with coach, he will treat the goal as his too to help you to reach it. Strongly recommend him to you if you're looking a professional and responsible personal coach!
Coach JayC client review
Sherry Qian
⭐️ Coach Jayc is a very professional coach and I guarantee you will enjoy your training with him. He will keep on update you lots of training knowledge and also nutrition intake.Thanks for him, my weight drop from 58kg to 51kg, and my big beer belly become vline abs in just 1.5 month!
Coach JayC client review
Michelle Kho
JC is an exceptional PT and I’ve utilized his services over several periods during my various contract periods in Manila. He designs an excellent program and guides you well with whatever equipment you may have in your gym. Highly recommended.
Coach JayC Fitness Personal Training
Brad Sinnatamby