Do you want to lose weight? Would you like to get stronger? Perhaps you’d like to increase your energy?


You can enhance your fitness, health and overall well-being through nutrition coaching and revising how you eat on a daily basis.

Proper nutrition can help you meet your goals for optimal health and fitness.

I’ll help tailor a nutrition plan that will empower you with the knowledge and confidence to increase your health and meet your fitness goals

My nutrition coaching takes into account your life, your needs and your goals. I then develop a personalized plan that helps you eat, move and live better.

Nutrition programs offered as part of my comprehensive training package. (no extra charge)

What’s more, i’ll make sure it fits into your real life – the one you live every day.


To master your nutrition, you need to master a number of skills:

Overview & goals

In our strategy sessions, I will teach you these skills. If you already know that stuff, we’ll skip it and move on to advanced topics.

I will teach you how to eat! No more diets or meal plans. You don’t need those and they don’t work anyways.

Working with me is like having a personal coach for your eating. Everything is customized to you. We can count macros, We can do elimination diets, and more. Whatever you need to fix, there is a nutrition plan for you.

coach jayc

I can help you with anything related to nutrition and fitness! If you’ve heard enough and want to reach out to start the process, why not click the button and book your initial assessment?

coach jayc

"I enhance my clients lifestyle not more than just exercise, but through healthy Nutrition and sports nutrition too."

Invest in your health with my nutrition + weight management counseling.

Getting practical advice from the food and nutrition experts is more than the icing on the cake. I will discuss your current lifestyle patterns and uncover the reasons behind certain food habits, after which you will receive a personalized nutrition plan. I can put you on the path to losing weight, eating healthy and reducing your risk of chronic disease.


Accountability is the key to losing weight. Let us continually analyze your meal plans and ensure your nutrition education to keep you on your fitness track. This follow-up includes body composition assessment, reviewing current needs and, if needed, adjustment of meal plans.

If you are truly looking for long-term behavior change, consider a package to save you some money while allowing you to reach your goals.  Because for most people accountability and following up are such a huge piece of the success puzzle, this might be exactly what you need to commit yourself.  No matter which package you choose, the education, support and accountability I provide will be the key to your success. 

During the first session, I will conduct a full health assessment, and based on your goals, we will come up with a plan that we design together, to get you started on your way to a healthy lifestyle.  Follow-up appointments allow us to tweak things as needed and keep you accountable and focused.  You will also receive support via online message, as well as feedback on your food intake, as needed, in between appointments.


All of the following packages can be applied to in-person, online or a combination of both types of appointments. I will work with your schedule and preference!

start your training

take the quiz

Fill-out Fitness Assessment form

book your session

Set your preferred date and time for our first training session

achieve goals

Let's Start working and make this happen!

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