What are your goals? Whether they are sport-specific, wellness, weight loss, pre and post natal fitness, increased strength, a more sculpted figure, injury prevention, post injury workouts, or better function and balance, you’ve come to the right place.

I will design a comprehensive training program that will help you reach your fitness goals.

personal trainer

Personal Training

Train in the privacy of your Condominium gym or Any gym of your choice. Now you can get professional training without leaving your Condo or Gym.

Coach JayC Fitness Personal Training

online Personal Training

An Affordable Solution That Will Provide You With Direction, Support, and Accountability. With Premium training app and nutrition plan.

Coach JayC Fitness Personal Training

Nutrition coaching

My nutrition coaching takes into account your life, your needs and your goals. I then develop a personalized plan that helps you eat, move and live better.

Nutrition programs offered as part of my comprehensive training package. (no extra cost)

What’s more, i’ll make sure it fits into your real life – the one you live every day.

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Coach JayC Fitness Personal Training
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