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All personal training sessions focus on what you want to target; strength, cardio, recovery flexibility etc.


Stick to your fitness routine + stay on track during your 1-1 session. I’ll be there to be sure you get in a great workout, every week!


We will track body fat, take measurements once each month and discuss hitting your wellness goals, reasonably.


Hi! I’m JayC, your personal trainer. I know that your fitness journey will be a great experience so as long as you’re dedicated + committed to bettering your health!

Personal Training sessions can be a great way to start, adopt real change, recover from an injury, or focus on better nutrition habits. Working together can be so much fun as well as a great learning experience. Let’s train hard to reach your fitness goals, see and feel results, + learn how to stay healthy while navigating hectic schedules.

I hope we can connect soon.


Circuit training is my favorite way to coach. This type of programming allows for flexibility but also creates efficiency in our 60-minutes together.

What is circuit training? It’s the use of intervals to challenge your cardiovascular system and involves a series of high intensity stations interspersed with short rest or relief periods. The high-intensity periods are typically at or close to anaerobic exercise, while the recovery periods involve activity of lower intensity. We’ll burn fat, get stronger and strengthen your heart all in one session!


Weight loss is the most popular goal request I hear from clients. While it’s definitely something to consider, let’s focus on building strong, healthy habits that support our weight loss efforts. If you’re committed and ready for change then I am too! Together we can get a lot done.


Strength training should be a part of everybody’s workout routine. It’s essential for a strong, healthy body. Most clients aren’t sure on how to lift weights properly or how to use them in a way that’s beneficial. This is something we will learn and improve during our sessions.


Such a familar word! Circuit training is one of the best ways to challenge your cardiovascular system and improve heart health. By using our timed intervals, we work through short rest periods that challenge our cardio. This helps to burn fat + work the heart like the muscle it is! It’s time to ditch the elliptical.

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