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The best fitness plan in the world is the one you can stay consistent with. You must learn to understand the plan, enjoy it, and seamlessly integrate it into your busy lifestyle. 

Why Choose my online coaching?

My online program gives you the flexibility to choose where and when to workout. It’s made to fit your life whatever else you’ve got going on, whether you’re a busy parent, a shift worker, on a work trip, on holiday. You don’t need a gym and you can take your program with you anywhere you go!

Depending on your goals, I will modify your workouts so your body keeps progressing. This will allow for maximum results and continuous self-improvement, whatever your fitness levels or abilities. Plus, with my customized nutrition plans, you will have specific macro nutrient guideline to help reach your goals.

If you have the desire to improve, my program will motivate you throughout your journey. Weekly reviews and reassessments to monitor your progress to help ensure you consistently achieve your fitness goals. With in-app messaging for questions and analysis, you have expert support when you need it.

You log your workouts via the quick and easy app. This allows me to see what sets, reps and weights you are working with and we can analyze progress together. The app allows me to see when you start and finish your workout and when you hit a personal best!

what you get:


This allows me to understand the best, research-backed proven way to reach your goals, and how to work that into your lifestyle to create a personalized realistic training and diet plan that works with your lifestyle.


Your monthly schedule will be planned in advance, you’ll know exactly what days you need to train, and how to train on those days. Workout reminders will be sent daily and exercise instructions/videos are provided if you’re not sure about an exercise.


Together we’ll go through your current diet, all your favorite foods, and not so favorites. From there, we’ll come up with a nutrition strategy that complements your current eating habits. There will be no tasteless, bland, or boring “diet” food – for the most part, my clients are extremely well fed as they shed weight every week.


To remind you how much progress you’re making, make the necessary tweaks to your plan, and to keep you motivated and on track towards your goal.


Probably the biggest value of this program, you’ll have me in your corner, as your fitness friend, guiding you towards your goal, and making sure you reach it. I have a special inbox for my clients to reach me anytime they have a problem, question, or just need someone to talk them out of eating an entire jar of cookie-dough. I encourage all my clients to reach out as much as possible as it helps foster a more powerful relationship, gives me ideas for future articles, and helps me better my current programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions - find the answers here

Once you purchase one of my online training programs you will be sent a nutrition and exercise questionnaire to help me get a better understanding of your current situation and your goal. My program consists of customized meal plans and customized workouts. In order for your program to be fully tailored to your needs you must answer all the questions in the questionnaire with as much detail as you can and as candidly as possible. You will not be judged!

You are not alone! In fact, investing in my expertise is perfect for people who are new to exercise. I will help you avoid unproductive sessions, confidently use the gym, and establish accountability. You will be given your own personal plan and be shown how to best meet your own fitness goal in a way that fits your life and so can be maintained long-term.

This is ideal! With over 300+ exercises I can design full bodyweight programs or develop a program based on equipment you have available. There really is no reason to let work or holidays get in the way. The same workout tracking and check-ins can be done regardless of where you are, ensuring accountability even when you’re out of town!

I send you the link to download the app software, which is very straight forward and easy to use. You get a short video tutorial on everything you need to know to use the app like recording your workouts and measurements, messaging and using meal plans. Once downloaded you will find your customized program and meal plans. Then we keep in touch via the messaging service in the app or in whatsapp. Simple!

Your workouts will change every 3 to 4 weeks, depending on your needs and your response to the program. If you feel a particular workout is not fitting within your schedule, or is under or over-challenging, I will make changes, so it better meets your needs, fits your life and gets you results! Throughout your workout you will record times, weights and make side notes all in the app. (It is super-easy!) This information allows me to adapt and adjust your program throughout your fitness journey, so you hit your goals.

That is OK! I have made over 300+ exercise videos which are tailored for new and experienced gym users. All exercises include videos and clear, precise descriptions. If you are unsure about your technique, you can record yourself and send it to me for analysis and improvement.

My nutrition plan is far from generic. I ask you to fill out a questionnaire telling me everything you would like to achieve. This allows me to work out the number of calories, meal frequency and macronutrient split that best suits you. The meals included in your plan will be selected based on your food preferences and intolerances.

If you have the motivation to get fitter and healthier, then my expert online support will help you stay engaged to achieve your goals. I will tailor your workouts to best meet your needs and analyse your progress so you can continuously improve. Moreover, with the in-app messaging for questions you have access to my expertise when you need it.

Absolutely! If you follow the step by step instructions and recommendations i will lay out for you, for at-least one month, I’m so confident you’ll see and feel results like never before, that I’ll refund 100% of your purchase if you don’t.

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