Training Sessions Must Be Short

Long training sessions (anything over 60 minutes; not including the warm-up and cool down) are ineffective for rapid fat loss. Anything after 60 minutes is a recipe for overtraining, stagnation, and boredom. From what I’ve observed with clients, the performance usually starts dropping after 45 minutes. A shorter session usually means pinpoint focus and higher intensity.

Each workout, you’ll know exactly what to do and how. It’s important to execute efficiently, like a machine. For some people, caffeine before a workout helps (but not after 4 P.M).

Training Sessions Must Be Intense

Intensity is the most important variable for fat loss. The simplest way to increase your intensity is to shorten rest periods. Now, I’m not saying to make yourself throw up. You should not be able to carry on conversations between sets or play angry bird on your cell phone. Keeping the rest period short and sweet makes your workout short and effective (and a little painful).

Training Must Be Consistent (IMPORTANT!)

If you want to see results, you must do work, and do it often. You can have the best training sessions in the world, but they will be rendered ineffective without consistency. The high level of frequency ensures a consistently elevated metabolic rate, and a tremendous surge of EPOC, which means you’ll be burning calories well after your body stops working out. Flashy fitness sites call this “the afterburner effect”. Any activity is better than no activity – if there are days where you think you have “no time” to work out, well, you’re lying to yourself. Let me know and I will make something work for you on days where “you have no time”.

Your Body Must Recover

Usually, your strength training workouts will be 24 hours apart. If you’re still sore/fatigued/exhausted on a strength-training day, notify me.


Unless training for a long-distance endurance event, all cardio prescribed is High-Intensity Interval Training. What this means is that you alternate intense periods of work with periods of rest. Studies showed that HIIT is about 9x more effective for fat loss than traditional distance cardio, not to mention it save a lot of time.

An example of HIIT would be to run at about 75-85% of your max effort for 30 seconds, walk for 60 seconds, and repeat for 3 rounds.


Mild discomfort is part of the exercise process and is necessary for the improvement of performance and physique.

The Burn is good pain. It should be short-lived and during the exercise only. Fatigue after a workout should leave you exhilarated, but not exhausted. Fatigue that lasts days means you have been excessively challenged and your muscles and energy stores are not being replenished properly. Chronic fatigue is referred to as “over-training” and is not good. Soreness is common, especially for muscles that have not been exercised for long periods of time, or when you perform an exercise you are not accustomed to. Soreness typically begins within a few hours but peaks two days after exercise. This is referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and is normal when beginning a new fitness program.

Bad Pain – Usually caused by the improper execution of an exercise. Nothing should really “Hurt”. Immediately notify me and/or a physician of any sharp or sudden pains, swelling, or any unnatural feelings in your joints or ligaments. It is recommended to perform each exercise with NO WEIGHT to familiarize yourself with the movement pattern and to mentally and physically prepare you for the tasks ahead. Warming up is a crucial part of injury prevention and prepares your body for exercise by lubricating your joints.

Notify me of any extreme soreness that may occur. Mostly, it’s counter-productive to train through soreness.


I could write about the countless studies of why sleep is important for you, your appetite, your mental health, your happiness, and especially your fat loss. But I’m not going to bore you with the science stuff. That’s not the approach I take with fitness.

Get 6-8 hours of quality sleep every night. I can’t stress how important this is for both fat loss and muscle gain, especially when you’re in workout mode. Your body, your workouts, and your goals will suffer because of a lack of quality sleep. Have trouble falling asleep early? Form a sleep ritual. That means two hours before you want to go to bed, dim the lights, and unplug all electronics. Try sleeping with your cell phone in another room. Replace the TV with some light reading. If you’re still having trouble – try supplementing with Melatonin and/or drinking Chamomile tea before bed.

Notes on Gym Etiquette

Because I won’t be with you in the gym, I feel that it’s important to ensure that you follow the unwritten rules. You might notice others breaking these “laws of the iron” but I want you to get as comfortable in the gym as possible as quickly as possible. Here are the five most important rules to consider throughout your workout.