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How long have you been telling yourself that you want to get back into shape? Well, here’s your chance. With my online personal training program, you’ll have a dedicated trainer working with you personally to reach all of your fitness goals:

Truly Customized And Focused On You

Track your progress in the cloud and get instant feedback when needed. This way, we can make the adjustments necessary to keep you going full-steam.

I don’t have a hundred clients on rotation at all times. Typically, I rarely accept over 5 people into my program every month. As a result, I keep numbers low, and interaction-quality is very high. I want you to have the best experience possible.

I have strict accountability built into the system to ensure you stay on track, and that I help you stay on top of your fitness habits. We focus on a true lifestyle change, not an 8-week crash diet to impress your friends with your soon-to-vanish six-pack.

I don’t run a program factory where you get a ‘standard template’ that forces you to make exercise substitutions on your own. We will discuss your needs, experience and limitations, and I’ll build your program around YOU.

I have a strict schedule we’ll work together on that ensures you stay accountable to your goals. If you have questions, I’ve got answers and you’ll never feel alone.

Powerful Tools And Support To Help Keep You On Track

Get access to all the tools and support you need to perform at your very best – and stay there. Feel confident every step of the way as you track your progress to a new, better you.

Progress Tracking

Track your progress and see how your body is improving over time in your online personal training portal.

Detailed Exercise Videos

Watch clear, step-by-step instructional videos for every single exercise in your workout plan.

Mobile Training App

Access your workout plan and message your trainer from anywhere with our mobile app.

Motivation And Accountability

Stay on track with regular progress check-ins and motivation from me pushing you to be your best.

Supplement Advice

I’ll recommend proven supplements that can get you even faster results while helping you avoid the scams.

Ready for change?

Online personal training by coach jayc

Step One: Get Set Up


An analysis of your goals, challenges, and commitment level How often and how long do you want to work out for, what equipment do you have available.

Get The App
Set up your profile on the easy-to-use app where you’ll: View and complete your workouts and See your training progress in graphs and pictures. View your personalized nutrition guidelines. Track your nutrition intake Send & receive instant messages Securely store your personal information.

Step Two: Get Moving

View Workouts In The App

Watch a demo video for each exercise. Receive specific instructions on exactly what to do. Benefit from extra lifestyle workouts, such as mindfulness practice.

Update Your Results
Type your results, such as how much weight you used or how many reps you do. Upload short videos of your exercise technique. Send feedback or ask a question.


Step Three: Get Coached

Receive Feedback

Get my feedback on every workout you complete. Receive specific tips and advice to help you get more from your workouts. Includes technique assessment on any videos you upload.

Real-Time Conversations
Regular video or phone consultations. Keep in touch with me via instant messenger. I’m online and ready to answer your questions every day.

Still have questions? Schedule a free consultation.

NB: There’s absolutely no obligation to sign up for anything, and I can’t guarantee you’ll be accepted as a client because of the limited clients i can accommodate. I can however promise a friendly chat where we’ll get to know each other, you’ll get the opportunity to questions, and come away with a little more clarity and direction on your goals.

Let’s Discuss Your Goals

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