Driven by Principles

My Fitness Values

1. Life Is Hard; Prepare Yourself Accordingly

I don’t ask for life to be easier; instead, I focus on becoming stronger every day, both inside and out, so that i can confidently tackle whatever may come.

2. Physical Strength Builds Mental Strength

The weight room, when approached properly, is a fertile training ground not only for your body but your mind and spirit as well. The deliberate and consistent practice of strength training forges your character — it forces you to confront failure, teaches you patience, tests your limits, and reinforces the value of persistent effort.

3. You Are The Product Of Your Habits

Cultivating the right habits each day leads to success. When you’ve built up strong, sustainable habits, you don’t need to rely on an exhaustible supply of willpower to do things. You just do them.

4. You Are Stronger Than You Think

When you’re starting at the beginning, it’s easy to constrain your true potential. But I know that true potential far exceeds what feels possible in the moment. We are stronger than we think we are, and prove this to our former selves each day.

5. Perfect Is The Enemy Of Good

When perfect is your benchmark, anything less means failure. I know that the pursuit of perfection is a fool’s errand, so I focus on simply being better each day than I was the day before. Striving to be better gets us much further than failing to be perfect.

6. Be A Source Of Truth

There is so much in the world that isn’t true, whether it be outright lies, misinformation, or well-meaning ignorance. I choose to elevate truth as the highest of virtues, for others and for ourselves.

7. Live Purposefully

No one will give you purpose; it’s something that you need to discover for yourself. A mindset that you choose to adopt; the lens through which you see the world. I choose to live purposefully with urgency and conviction behind everything that I do because I know that purposeful action leads to a meaningful life.

Fundamentals that go beyond what I do in the gym.

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