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Coach JayC Fitness Personal Training
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“Very encouraging, always on time, and never absent!”
Coach Jay knows how to push you to reach your full potential, his workout programs are designed to burn fat whilst building lean muscle so it’s very ideal for women who don’t want to bulk up. He’s very encouraging, always on time and never absent! Plus he has a really good playlist ☺️
Corinne Lee
“Understands what your fitness goals are and pushes you!”
JayC is an amazing coach, he understands what your fitness goals are and pushes you hard in sessions to get the most out of you. He is very positive and never cancels sessions or rearranges, he works hard for you and makes you work hard on yourself. I have lost much of the weight gained in lockdown and if you need a new coach or trainer I would highly recommend JayC.
Alexander Denham
“Best coach I have tried.”
Coach JayC has been the best coach I have tried. His approach in my weight loss journey is exceptional. He can adapt and adjust in the most efficient way to maximize our results while minimizing mistakes. He does not only help you attain your goals but also introduces you to a healthy lifestyle for a better quality of life.
Mike Anthony Visitacion
“He’s very professional, punctual & dedicated to help.”
So far, so good with my son’s training with Coach JayC. He’s very professional, punctual & dedicated to help. They’ve just recently started and it looks very promising as the motivation to reach his goal is there, he’s constantly reminding the right things to do, not only during the actual training sessions but even beyond. My son always looks forward to training with his newfound, friendly & cool coach🏋️‍♀️🥊💪😁
Mitzi Kaspar
“Never once in two years has he missed a session.”
Coach JayC is the best trainer I have had. I lost 10 kilos in two months, he really knows his stuff. Great work ethic, extremely motivating, always positive, and very friendly. Never once in two years has he missed a session. I highly recommend his training as he is very versatile and can custom make a workout plan and/or diet to meet your goals. Thanks for the training and for always keeping me on track!
Gavin Graf
“Definitely a reliable coach!”
Professional, enthusiastic, and responsible! Definitely a reliable coach! He was happy to share and taught me a lot about fitness and would motivate me not to give up. Under his guidance, my body shape has become better and toned!
Ruby Chua
“Very professional and on time.”
Coach is very professional and on time. He is easy to talk to and provides good advice on your goals. I would highly recommend him.
Luis Sia
“Exceptional Personal Trainer”
JC is an exceptional PT and I’ve utilized his services over several periods during my various contract periods in Manila.
He designs an excellent program and guides you well with whatever equipment you may have in your gym.
Highly recommended.
Brad Sinnatamby
“He cares about his clients and that is what makes a difference.”
Coach gave me the energy I needed to make a change. He cares about his clients and that is what makes a difference. I was a foreigner in the Philippines her he took the time and showed so much patience. To this date, I’ve never had a better advocate for my well-being as Coach Jaye! Many trainers get bored and just go through the motions but not Coach, he is focused on your time with him. Because of his coaching, I have lost 65 pounds and feel better about myself. Thank you Coach!
Carl Rusty Lemon
“One of the best coach you can have”
Coach JayC, Is one of the best coach you can have. He is my trainer for 10 years now. His professionalism gives you more motivation and inspiration to love yourself and give your best every session of your workout. Even if you’re close enough to give up on your self he shows you and guides you every step so you can finish your work out NOT when you’re TIRED BUT When DONE.
Janice Anzures
“He will keep you updated on lots of training knowledge and also nutrition”
⭐️ Coach Jayc is a very professional coach and I guarantee you will enjoy your training with him. He will keep on update you on lots of training knowledge and also nutrition intake. Thanks for him, my weight drop from 58kg to 51kg, and my big beer belly become V-line abs in just 1.5 months!
Michelle Kho
“You will be motivated 110%.”
You will be motivated 110%. With him, you will only stop when your goal is done not because you are tired, and he will always be there to support you in the process. I lost 16 kilos in 7 months something impossible for me to do alone. Super thumbs up, friendly mentor, pro coach, hi-tech. #Aquaman.
Michelle Hadian

Online Clients Review

“Highly recommended”

I highly recommend Coach JayC as a fitness coach! He really provides comprehensive guidance on training and nutrition needs. He is also very hands on and approachable, he constantly checks how I am doing and will adjust my training schedule depending on my needs. He is also very responsive to all my questions! Very helpful and encouraging all throughout my fitness journey
Patricia Anne Salamanca

“Positive force in my fitness journey.”

Coach JayC is a positive force in my fitness journey. He’s very diligent at sending you useful information on exercise, nutrition and motivation everyday. There is no judgment from him whether you slide or skip workouts and this creates a guilt-free environment important for people starting out or struggling to get into a fitter lifestyle.
Nick Dy

“I’m glad I got to know him.”

Coach JayC is indeed professional on his field. I was initially hesitant to hire a professional trainer because I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to commit on my fitness goals.But coach provides reliable and long-term goal plan.He is flexible and will adjust depending on your needs and fitness level.
He keeps reminding you to back on track and motivates you to focus on your health and become the best version of yourself. I’m glad I got to know him.
Lyra Bombita

“Coach Jay made it easy for me to be comfortable with my body, the workouts and process to achieve my healthy lifestyle.”

At the start of my fitness journey, I was so hesitant that this might not work, since I never had a personal trainer and also I am afraid that i might not be able to follow all the schedule workouts. However, Coach Jay made it easy for me to be comfortable with my body, the workouts and process to achieve my healthy lifestyle.

It’s been more than 3 months since I started, and I am enjoying the process and transformation of having a body that I am happy with, and as well as changing my lifestyle that is sustainable to becoming more healthier:) Thank you Coach Jay.
Chari Ville Nebrija

“He works very close to his clients, and is able to provide feedback, knowledge, and good customer service.”

What I like about Coach JayC is his flexibility, understanding and consistent communication. He is willing to understand your holistic needs — from your current statistics, body goals, food intake, down to your busy schedule. His program is so flexible that it can be done even with limited equipments. He reviews your daily caloric intake, and checks in every time you go beyond.

All in all, he works very close to his clients, and is able to provide feedback, knowledge, and good customer service. I totally recommend him!
Gian Carlo Roxas

“good decision to do this.”

Was struggling to effectively lose weight, good decision to do this. It’s very personalized, and coach is very helpful and responsive. Thanks
Ellan Chan

“Great coaching”

Coach JayC listens and adjusts your training regimen according to your specific situation, whether you have limited equipment or none at all.
Great coaching; I recommend him for anyone in need of personal training.
Ian Umali

“I wasn’t sure if this online program would work, but I’m so happy that it did!”

I’m not yet done with my 3 months program and yet I am already almost back to my original weight pre-pandemic! Even tho I don’t always get to complete my training, thanks to Coach jayC’s nutrition and eating tips, I still managed to lose weight. The best part is I didn’t even have to starve myself just to get to my target weight.

Thanks Coach! I wasn’t sure if this online program would work, but I’m so happy that it did! 😊
Carrissa Latoc

“Very responsive as an online coach”

The best thing I like about Coach JayC is that he is very responsive as an online coach. He is also flexible and adapts the program to your lifestyle. In addition, the app he uses is comprehensive yet easy to follow.
Marko Florendo

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