Ready To Give Up? Can’t Lose Weight? Read This.

Harry is struggling to lose weight. He just hit a wall and his weight won’t budge.

What’s causing him so much anxiety is that he still has over 30 pounds of fat to lose.

He tells me he’s on Weight Watchers and exercises 5x per week. The last time he lost weight, he was unable to get below 200 pounds. So he gave up.

Then his weight ballooned back up to 230 pounds.

After reading my article “How To Break A Weight Loss Plateau“, he reached out to get my opinion.

Here’s what I told him:

“Hey Harry, thanks for your message. The road to success is NEVER a straight line. You will experience setbacks. This is inevitable. How you handle these setbacks will determine your fate. Do they strengthen your resolve, or make you “throw in the towel”? Ultimately, you must embrace the sacrifice, embrace the discomfort, know that every day you are becoming a better man. That’s what this is all about – becoming a better man, a more determined, confident version of yourself. Eventually, your body will reflect your inner determination.”

Harry responded that he is determined to persevere.

95% of getting the body you want is a mindset. It’s not just a diet, exercise, or even sleep.

When you have the right mindset, with a total commitment to your goals, your vision manifests itself into reality.

Quitting simply is not an option.

I recommended to Harry that instead of following Weight Watchers, he shift to photo food journaling instead, because it’s easier to follow, more precise, and it’s easier to make small changes.

I can’t emphasize enough that mindset is everything when it comes to body transformation.

The truth is, you can accomplish ANYTHING you want to with the right mindset.

Embrace the sacrifice. Embrace the discomfort. Anything you want will be yours.