What Else Do I Need To Know?

Online Personal Training provides a high level of support and guidance. It doesn’t matter how busy you are or what equipment you have available – you’re free to live and workout on your terms.

This service may not be for you if you’re not ready to regularly communicate with your coach and take an active role in your growth & development.
If you’re prepared to follow expert advice and take reasonable, consistent action to work on yourself then Online PT is PERFECT for you.

Sometimes that means tough love and hard questions that force you to reflect.
I will challenge you to do better where possible, and pull back when the pressure gets too much. Know that I will be your ultimate advocate, loyal counsel, and dedicated cheerleader on this journey, but I can’t do the work for you.
Prepare not only for all the wins that are to come, but also for the obstacles, setbacks, and disappointments that are inevitable on any worthwhile journey.
Consistency, resilience, and persistence are required for success when it comes to making long-term positive change. Know that there are no quick-fix formulas or guaranteed results.

I’m here to get you results, not waste your time, effort and money!

Online PT is similar to traditional Personal Training in many ways. For starters, you’ll be working with a pro who understands your needs and receive personalized advice. As a coach, I personally place a big focus on teaching you what you need to know, as well as giving you a great workout.
Online PT requires accountability on your part: an essential life skill. You’ll be doing workouts independently, and learning about yourself along the way.
With Online PT you can ask questions whenever they arise, and you’ll be getting detailed feedback on each task you complete. This includes an analysis of your exercise technique (note that this isn’t something you have to do for every exercise/workout).

Not necessarily, you can train at home or outdoors. Whilst it would be ideal to have all the equipment available that you’d find in a gym, it’s not necessary at all.
If you’re thinking about buying some equipment to keep at home, I’ll be able to advise on the best pieces to suit your personal needs.

Each of my online coaching packages comes with a minimum term of 3 months, then it’s a rolling contract that you can cancel any time with 30 days notice.

Money-Back Guarantee Obviously it’s impossible to make guarantees on exactly what results in you’ll see; after all, the human body is an incredibly complex thing. However, if you comply with at least 80% of your program and stick to your nutrition targets for the initial 3 month period and don’t see adequate results, I’ll happily refund your investment.

Brilliant question. In my experience, 3 months is a decent length of time to really give your training a chance to earn you results, without making a long-term commitment. Having worked in gyms for many years I’ve seen just how frustrating it can be for a person to be tied into a contract they don’t want anymore, and I don’t plan to make you feel that way.

I would strongly recommend checking your health and fitness budget before committing to online PT. I’m no financial advisor, and I’m certainly not here to tell you how to spend your money, but I do know that the value people get from this service far outweighs their investment.If you’re struggling financially at any point, we can pause your online PT for a month.

Here’s what my client Christopher has to say on the matter:
“While the initial cost of training might seem high, when you think about the level of training and education that a PT has, and their total 1:1 focus on you and your fitness development, actually represent a great value for money, especially when you think about the fact that you are being shown ways to help keep yourself fitter and healthier for the rest of your life.“

Is there ever a good time to turn your health and fitness around? A huge benefit of this service is that it’s highly adaptable to your lifestyle, time constraints, health concerns, and energy levels. Whatever obstacles you have, I can help you to overcome them. After all, that’s what all this is about.

The whole point of hiring a trainer is to get you to your goals more quickly and easily than you could on your own. There is no minimum level of fitness required to start online coaching, and you will always get value from the service regardless of your current capabilities.

If you stick to the advice provided (and you don’t have any underlying health issues), then there is absolutely NO REASON to why you shouldn’t achieve the results you desire.

I started my business exclusively as a personal trainer, and completely understand that many people prefer the experience of training with a professional in person.

There are a few limitations to Personal Training, however, which is why I created this Online PT service. It’s important to remember that Online PT isn’t for everyone. If you would prefer to have less overall contact but more hands-on support from your trainer in person, then conventional Personal Training is likely a better fit for your needs.

If you need to have an appointment with a trainer in order to exercise, my online services probably aren’t for you. My goal is to teach every client exactly what they need to know so that they can take full responsibility for their health for the rest of their life. That includes motivation and accountability. If your goals are truly a priority for you then it’s essential that you have complete autonomy in making great decisions on how you live, eat and exercise. You can’t rely on me to do the work for you.

Online PT actually makes the process of getting healthy and working towards your goals very straightforward. Rather than learning through trial and error, you’ll be given clear, step-by-step guidance on how to eat and exercise to help you live a better life. Your workouts will be delivered to our training app on the day they’re due to be completed… all you have to do is follow the instructions!

The MOST important part of this service is my understanding and adapting to your needs. I’m confident that after our in-depth initial consultation I’ll be able to understand your goals so clearly that I’ll be able to give YOU even more clarity on what it is you want. Expect to dig deep and really reflect on your dreams and aspirations, and the reasons why they’re important to you.

100%! I’ll be available on the training portal every day to communicate with you. I’ll post feedback on each workout you complete, whether it requires a thumbs up or more detailed coaching, plus you can ask questions or leave comments for me via the instant messenger function. One thing I do NOT do is hand-holding: you can’t rely on me to convince you to go to the gym or constantly remind you to follow your nutrition plan. You are 100% accountable and responsible for your thoughts and actions… and that’s a good thing!

Yes! I have clients who love to dance, play rugby and football, and go on active holidays. Whilst I don’t coach specific sports, your online PT program will support you to improve in your hobbies. We’ll talk about your sporting goals in our consultations, and your workouts will support your development in these areas.

Obviously, everyone has individual goals and requirements, so sharing a program with a friend won’t work as well for you as a personalized program, but if training with friends keeps you showing up to the gym and engaged during the sessions, then that’s better than nothing! If you still have specific goals you’d like to reach, it’s possible to enjoy the best of both scenarios by still going to the gym with your friends, but following your own focussed program. Your friends will likely be inspired to follow a specifically designed program of their own when they see all the results you’re getting!

Making the decision to up-level your health and fitness can be a scary thing… but it’s good scary! It’s necessary to come out of your comfort zone in order to grow. Everything in your program will be pre-agreed between us. That means you won’t be asked to commit to more workouts than you can handle, and any nutrition and lifestyle tasks will be drip-fed step by step to empower you to form great habits over time. Consistency really is the name of the game here, and of course, I’ll be there every step of the way to nudge you in the right direction, ready to provide a gentle, loving kick up the bum where necessary. At the end of the day, it boils down to how much you really want to reach your goals. Are you prepared to do what it takes?

If you’re worried about faffing around and wasting time in the gym, then don’t! Your workouts will be designed specifically to deliver the correct intensity for you: you’ll be taught how to select the correct weight for each exercise, how to progress to heavier weights, and I’ll calculate all of your aerobic work, eg running speeds. If you can commit to simply following the instructions provided (including rest periods!), you can be sure you’ll be training at the correct intensity without wasting any time. There’s something very important I also need to let you know right now. Whilst it’s true that to make progress we must come out of our comfort zones, training at extremely high intensity in every workout is not conducive to earning great results. In fact, in many cases, overtraining and overreaching cause more health problems than they’re worth. You can expect to be working at a moderate intensity most of the time, with some tougher workouts strategically placed to earn you better results.

Will it be hard? Yes. Will it be TOO hard? No way. My aim is to challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone, but it’s important we train you in a sustainable, manageable way. We’re looking to maintain effort over time, without stressful or intense training and dieting. If you’re struggling with any aspect of the program, it can easily be changed.

Your program will be tailored around your lifestyle: you could have home, outdoor or gym workouts of any length at any frequency. Your training structure can be adapted at any time to suit your needs. I totally get that things crop up, and life gets in the way sometimes.
Although online PT is specifically designed for people with busy lifestyles who struggle to fit in workouts, if you genuinely can’t make any time at all to exercise then this service is probably not for you.

If you’re not willing to put in the time to take care of your mind and body now, when will you be? Remember that online PT is a tailored service and your program will be specifically designed with your schedule in mind. Not only will you be provided with workouts that you’ll be able to incorporate into your daily routine, you’ll also be benefiting from time-saving lifestyle tasks that encourage you to move more and live better in general, such as walking more and preparing meals in advance. By making a small amount of time now, you can create a wealth of time and energy for the future, and enhance your chances of living longer.

If not now, then when? Over the years I’ve seen many clients who have only come to me for help once they’ve already developed a health problem, or have become so unfit and overweight that it’s unbearable. Whilst they all made great progress, things would have been much easier for them if they’d gotten into good habits before their problem occurred. In fact… not taking early action is exactly why they ended up having a problem!

Moving well is essential if you want to see the full benefit from your training and avoid injury, and I know many people have concerns about appearing silly in the gym getting something wrong. Every exercise I give you will be prescribed with your current capabilities in mind and comes with a demonstration video for you to follow. My approach is to meet every client at their current level of capability, which means you won’t be given any exercises I’m not 100% sure you can complete safely.
That said, sometimes it takes a couple of tries and practice to get something right, so make use of the video upload feature and send me clips of your technique for the feedback! I employ a range of sophisticated strategies to get you moving really well and teach you new skills organically.
Remember: if a particular movement isn’t working, there’s always an alternative we can use to get the same/similar effect!

I respect that many people prefer their gym sessions to be free from distractions such as their mobile phones, and if you’re able to write down or memorize your workouts then there’s no need to bring your phone into the gym with you. That said, tech has massively improved the way we approach health and fitness and provides an invaluable tool for delivering information and collecting data. It’s extremely useful to be able to view exercise demo videos at the exact moment you need them and to be able to record your results in video or text format. If you think your phone might distract you, I’d recommend turning on airplane mode during your workouts.

Probably not, but if that’s what you need we can certainly provide you with a more rigid plan. My approach is to “meet you where you’re at”, providing personalized guidelines and helping you take small steps over time to gradually get you into healthy eating habits. If you have clear weight loss or competitive goals, you’ll need to take a more structured approach to nutrition than if you just want to maintain weight and stay healthy, but we’ll make this as easy as possible for you regardless.

Yes. I want you to enjoy your nutrition, I’ll help you incorporate the foods you love into your diet in a balanced way. – real magic happens when you shape your current eating habits into something that uplifts your health and performance.

Remember that your program will be tailored specifically for you – I’d never ask you to do things I didn’t think you’d be able to manage, and we’ll talk in detail about your routine and lifestyle, including which additions/changes you’re prepared to make.I don’t expect you to be able to follow 100% of the tasks I give you, but you will need to follow at least 80% to see good results. If you can’t commit to following my advice when working together, then online coaching probably isn’t for you.
Online PT makes the journey to your goals as smooth as humanly possible, laying things out into simple, actionable steps. If you can’t follow instructions laid out in this way, how else will you get to where you need to be?

To become an Online PT client we’ll need to have a chat about your goals and level of commitment before anything else so we can be 100% sure I’m the coach for you.

Looking forward to working with you!

Still have questions? Schedule a free consultation.

NB: There’s absolutely no obligation to sign up for anything, and I can’t guarantee you’ll be accepted as a client because of limited clients i can accommodate. I can however promise a friendly chat where we’ll get to know each other, you’ll get the opportunity to questions, and come away with a little more clarity and direction on your goals.